Hon.Secretary, Hon.Jt.Secretary & Treasurer
     Kolhapur Medical Association is the oldest association of doctors in the country. It was established in 1924. It is one of the most dynamic and active branch of IMA at state and national level.

     KMA is apex body of practicing doctors in Kolhapur and around places, consisting 700+ members comprising general practitioners, specialists, super specialists of all branches of medicine. It is one of the main objective is to promote the medical and allied sciences and to improve the public health. To achieve this goal, it organizes monthly meetings/seminars/workshops for its members for which prominent speakers and aclaimed leaders from different faculties are invited. This to upgrade our knowledge and update our professional skills.

     KMA also takes interest in promoting welfare of society in general & valnerable populations. In fact, community services offered by KMA are one of the most distinguished and highly praised activities.

     For KMA members - Your suggestions regarding website are welcome. Please check your names in member's list.

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